Featured Work in Broadband, Telecommunications and Information Technology

The following projects demonstrate Magellan Advisors' broad range of capabilities serving public and private sectors.

  Charlotte County, FL

   Community broadband planning for County
   government organizations needing strategies to
   enhance economic and community development

  State of Vermont

   Rate study analysis for public sector entities needing
   to implement effective public policy for critical
   telecommunications services.

  North Florida Broadband Authority

  Market, demand and financial planning for     regional broadband networks. Financial     sustainabilitymodeling for federal broadband   grant recipients.

  SW Florida Regional Planning Council

   Comprehensive broadband strategic planning for
   long-term economic and community development
   needs at a regional level.

  City of Jupiter, FL

   Economic and industry development through
   innovative broadband strategies that enable local 
   governments to retain and attract business.

  City of Bartow, FL

   Comprehensive broadband planning to enable in rural
   communities to reinforce  telecommunications
   services through local government networks.