Learn how Magellan has helped diverse communities plan and implement broadband strategies

The following projects demonstrate Magellan Advisors' broad range of capabilities serving public and private sectors.

  Missoula Next-Generation     Broadband Feasibility Study 

   Next-Generation Broadband Feasibility Study to
   build a community-based fiber network that
   supports economic development and anchors.                                                             

  Waverly Fiber To The Home Feasibility &   Deployment

   Comprehensive planning for Gigabit fiber to the home with a    
   municipal electric utility in central Iowa, enabled with leading    
   edge Internet, voice, video and over the top services. 

 Baltimore Broadband Planning

  Magellan developed extensive broadband strategies to    
  help the City of Baltimore utilize its assets to serve the  
  community's needs. 

  Yolo Broadband Strategic Plan

   Comprehensive broadband strategic planning for
   long-term economic and community development
   needs at a regional level.

  Jupiter Broadband Deployment Plan

   Economic and industry development through
   innovative broadband strategies that enable local 
   governments to retain and attract business.

  Hamilton Broadband Deployment Plan