October 28, 2019 6:14 pm

Denver, CO, October 28, 2019– Matawa First Nations Management (MFNM), a tribal council of nine member First Nations in Ontario, Canada, has continued its partnership with Magellan Advisors in deployment of its new Rapid Lynx long-haul and fiber to the home network. Rapid Lynx will consist of approximately 635 miles of fiber and will provide high-speed internet to residents, businesses and community anchor institutions within and across five remote communities.

MFNM first engaged Magellan Advisors in 2014 when it chose the firm through a competitive selection process to assist in a fiber to the home feasibility study.  The project assessed the state of broadband throughout First Nations communities and found that basic internet connectivity was nearly non-existent due to a variety of factors including aging facilities and outmoded technologies, high cost for service plans, and frequent outages. The region’s formidable geography, remote location, low population density and low income posed barriers for infrastructure investment. Internet was primarily obtained through satellite or microwave facilities, with entire communities generally sharing just 4 Mbps of internet access or less.

MFNM and Magellan Advisors enacted a strategic broadband partnership to address these issues. Magellan assisted MFNM through its grant development and application process, which was officially completed last week with an award of $69.2 million funded through the Connect to Innovate initiative, the Government of Ontario and the Ministry of Indigenous and Northern Affairs. Magellan coordinated all technical, design, financial and operational aspects of the network to support the grant and now will manage implementation of the network alongside MFNM. 

Development of the Rapid Lynx network will allow for vastly improved communications capabilities across the First Nations, positively impacting economic development, education, healthcare, transportation, public safety, band administration and government services. Rapid Lynx will include a long-haul fiber network running to and through the five remote communities from Aroland to the east and Nibinamik to the west; and community distribution networks and laterals connecting residences, businesses and community anchor institutions in the five remote communities.

MFNM will engage strategic partners to provide wholesale internet services, fee-based operational support and technical expertise as MFNM and First Nations communities acquire experience and knowledge. Owning this infrastructure presents a significant financial opportunity for MFNM  by enabling control of assets with long-term revenue potential.

With the partnership of Magellan, MFNM aims to overcome the challenges of its remote geography and to generate opportunities for its residents, businesses and anchor institutions by connecting them to a global economy while improving the quality of life across the First Nations. The benefits of the Rapid Lynx network will be felt across the entire region and will serve as a prime example of the power of partnerships in creating new opportunities for unserved locations through broadband connectivity.

About Magellan Advisors

Magellan Advisors is a turnkey broadband development firm that assists governments, utilities, coops and telcos deploy fiber and wireless networks to support community needs. Magellan Advisors provides the only comprehensive planning, engineering, construction and management solution for public organizations deploying broadband, municipal fiber and smart city networks. In our fifteen-year history, we have developed over $1 billion in new broadband infrastructure, connected more than 2,000 schools, hospitals and municipalities and brought next-generation broadband to over 1 million homes.

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