April 13, 2020 5:58 pm

Denver, CO, April 13, 2020 – Marion County, Oregon is continuing its partnership with Magellan Advisors for assistance with the implementation of the County’s Broadband Strategic Plan. Magellan previously worked with the County to develop the Plan, which provided recommendations to increase the availability of robust broadband to enable economic development and quality of life for residents and businesses.

Danielle Gonzalez, Economic Developer with Marion County, said, “We are excited to again be working with Magellan Advisors. They added significant value to our initial Broadband for Economic Development Strategic Plan and provided actionable ideas for us to implement on the ground. Now we get to implement the broadband as infrastructure ideas to the benefit the residents of the County and our small rural communities.”

This first phase of the Broadband Strategic Plan’s implementation will focus on developing the Plan’s public policy recommendations to promote the deployment of broadband infrastructure. Magellan’s team will work with the County itself as well as the cities of Jefferson and Silverton to develop broadband-friendly policies including wireless ordinances, small cell master license agreements, railroad boring agreements and dig once and joint trench policies and strategies. These policies and agreements will be designed to encourage investment by telecommunications carriers and to facilitate efforts by the County and its partners in building additional broadband assets. Magellan brings knowledge of best practices in cost-effective, resource-efficient local policies and practices for streamlining deployment of these technologies, bringing much needed connectivity to communities throughout Marion County.

This first step of the Broadband Strategic Plan’s implementation will allow Magellan’s West Coast team to continue its work with the County’s leadership to bring together stakeholders such as anchor institutions and broadband providers to improve the availability of high-speed internet. As rural regions such as Marion County are increasingly reliant on broadband connections to enable teleworking, telelearning, and telehealth, Magellan stands ready to continue being Marion County’s trusted broadband partner.

“As a direct result of the work of Magellan Advisors, we were able to work with a private company to provide broadband fiber services in an agricultural area in our county,” Gonzalez said. “These farms can now use precision agricultural applications to reduce water, chemical, and labor use to help keep them economically viable.”

About Magellan Advisors

Magellan plans and deploys the infrastructure that will power our cities for the next 20 years. From gigabit fiber broadband to smart grid networks to the Internet of Things, Magellan develops the most advanced fiber and wireless networks to support thriving communities of the future.  

Magellan provides turnkey planning, design, deployment and operations of the fastest, most technologically advanced networks around, connecting the world at light speed and ushering in the next evolution of devices and applications in our homes, businesses and communities.  

Magellan assists utilities, governments and carriers plan and execute strategic deployments of fiber and wireless networks to meet the needs of their customers, giving them a single partner that manages every step in the process and ensures that networks are delivered on time and on budget. 

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