April 28, 2020 8:57 am

Denver, CO, April 27, 2020 –

In a time when high-speed internet has become more important than ever to daily life, the City of Waterloo is evaluating options to expand broadband services across its community. The City will partner with Magellan Advisors to evaluate a number of options to improve high-speed internet for homes, businesses and community organizations. Magellan Advisors will work with the City to determine current issues, assess the City’s capabilities and develop viable options for the City to expand broadband for the benefit of Waterloo’s community. Based on the most viable option(s), Magellan will provide a step-by-step implementation plan that the City can follow to achieve the community’s broadband goals.

Magellan has become the go-to firm for Iowa cities and utilities looking for ways to improve local broadband services.  With a deep understanding of the Iowa broadband market, state statutes and community needs, Magellan has brought gigabit broadband to a number of Iowa communities.

Some of Magellan’s clients include Waverly Utilities, who deployed services in 2016 and today offers gigabit internet, cable, phone and business services across its community. Magellan provided all front-end business and preliminary engineering services for deployment of Waverly’s network. Similarly, in Indianola, Magellan developed the business plan and go-to-market strategy to bring fiber-to-the-home services to the community. In Davenport, Magellan’s business and financial plans paved the way for entry of a competitive fiber provider that is currently building fiber-to-the-home services across the City.

About Magellan Advisors

Magellan plans and deploys the infrastructure that will power our cities for the next 20 years. From gigabit fiber broadband to smart grid networks to the Internet of Things, Magellan develops the most advanced fiber and wireless networks to support thriving communities of the future.  

Magellan provides turnkey planning, design, deployment and operations of the fastest, most technologically advanced networks around, connecting the world at light speed and ushering in the next evolution of devices and applications in our homes, businesses and communities.  

Magellan assists utilities, governments and carriers plan and execute strategic deployments of fiber and wireless networks to meet the needs of their customers, giving them a single partner that manages every step in the process and ensures that networks are delivered on time and on budget.  

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