Director – Broadband Design

Jayson Demar

Jayson has 7 years of experience designing and managing fiber projects and 10 years of experience providing GIS solutions for the telecom, construction, and environmental industries. Jayson has managed the entire lifecycle of multiple fiber engineering projects for Tier 1 carriers and municipalities throughout the United States and also has experience managing international projects. Jayson’s projects have passed hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses with fiber and encompass thousands of miles of backbone connecting critical institutions. He specializes in process improvement and client engagement, ensuring that client needs are met and that his engineering teams keep innovation on the forefront. Jayson has helped multiple clients develop engineering criteria and refine their network architectures to fit the needs of their deployment. Jayson holds a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences from the University of Missouri - Kansas City and is actively pursuing his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Jayson is experienced with the following software: Microsoft Project, Autocad, ArcGIS, 3-GIS, QGIS, FiberPlanIT, ArcFM, Microsoft Office, and G Suite.


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