Associate Project Manager – Broadband Design

Zach Kickhaefer

Zach Kickhaefer has 5 years of experience in designing and managing fiber projects as well as 7 years of GIS solutions for both the construction and transportation industries. Zach has managed 2 fiber design projects for a large communication carrier, resulting in nearly 500 miles of aerial and underground fiber path designed. Zach specializes in process improvement, problem solving and project managing both internally and externally. Zach has excellent customer services skills and strives to ensure that a quality deliverable is provided to the client. Zach has a Bachelor of Science in Geography with an emphasis in GIS from Kansas State University. Zach is experienced with the following software: Microsoft Office, G Suite, ArcGIS, 3-GIS, Spida-Calc, O-Calc and Balsamiq Mockups.


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