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Town of Jupiter Municipal Broadband Network - A Phased Approach

Town of Jupiter Municipal Broadband Network - A Phased Approach

Stretching to the Atlantic Ocean, Jupiter features a delightful tropical climate and truly that "small town" appeal with big city benefits. Some of the largest research firms maintain campuses in Jupiter, including the Scripps Institute and the Max Planck Institute for Neuroscience. Jupiter's business friendly focus has prompted the Town to develop innovative programs that support community needs.


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The Town had a variety of growing communications and technology needs. The Town's current communications infrastructure that was leased from local providers could no longer meet the Town's municipal needs at rates the Town could afford. Concurrently, the Town realized that its local businesses were facing similar challenges. Although Jupiter's large businesses had access to a wide range of services, small and medium businesses with tighter budgets were not so lucky. Forced to live with slow, unreliable services, many of Jupiter's small businesses had no other options and providers were not planning to upgrade services in the near future. Jupiter needed a solution that addressed its own communications needs and supported those of its local business community. 


Magellan provided detailed research and analysis on the local broadband and telecommunications market as well as analysis on Jupiter’s key industries: biotech and healthcare. One of Jupiter’s core objectives in the Plan was to incorporate these industries into the greater broadband network. Magellan devised a strategy that would benefit these industries by developing a broadband ecosystem that would tie organizations together with a single broadband foundation. This ecosystem would allow industry “peers” to share information between themselves and the rest of the world, through direct connection into Florida Lambda Rail and National Lambda Rail. Jupiter’s broadband network was the foundation that would enable this connectivity.

Magellan completed its strategic planning project with Jupiter in March of 2011 and presented the findings to City Council. The first phase of construction, which will construct the backbone fiber ring for governmental use, was completed in 2013. Jupiter and Magellan are now working to deploy the second phase in conjunction with local broadband providers to serve businesses and economic development corridors in the City.

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