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Bringing Next-Generation Fiber Broadband to Missoula

Bringing Next-Generation Fiber Broadband to Missoula

A mountain community with a thriving tech sector, Missoula wanted to develop broadband strategies to attract more technology companies, foster its current business community and ensure community organizations had high-speed connectivity across the region. Challenged by the lack of affordable, fiber-based broadband services, City and County economic development needed tools to support existing industries and drive new businesses to the area, while supporting the needs of community organizations as well.


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City of Missoula

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Broadband Planning



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Magellan was retained by Missoula County and the City of Missoula to develop a next-generation broadband feasibility study to improve local broadband services, support Missoula's thriving tech sector and enable rural residents to access better broadband. Magellan's expert team of business, financial and technical planners developed the plan for  a community-wide fiber network and a step-by-step roadmap to implement the system, through a broadband public-private partnership.

Magellan analyzed the feasibility of a municipal fiber-optic network that would serve the needs of the city, county, schools, hospitals and businesses. Magellan's team of technical, business and financial consultants worked with the City and County to develop a feasible plan to fund and build the network by forging public-private partnerships between local government organizations and local broadband providers. 

Missoula is currently implementing the roadmap to build the municipal fiber-optic network to serve the needs of businesses and community organizations. 

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