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Turnkey Deployment of Fiber to the Home in Rancho Cucamonga

Turnkey Deployment of Fiber to the Home in Rancho Cucamonga

At the heart of California’s Inland Empire, the City of Rancho Cucamonga and Rancho Cucamonga Municipal Utilities (RCMU) own and operate extensive underground telecommunications assets and over 18,000 street light poles within the City’s rights-of-way.  The City has been investing in fiber infrastructure for the last several years and recognized fiber-optic infrastructure is a key asset to the community and an opportunity to expand economic development.


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Having finished its Fiber Master Plan with Magellan's assistance, the City determined a need for a clear network strategy, design, and payback model framework that would support the needs of its community. Rancho Cucamonga sought to further expand its network, but needed to be measured in its approach, allowing for a minimal level of risk and maximum reward. The expanded network would continue to serve the City's municipal department with the added benefit of providing a long-term cost savings for connectivity throughout Rancho Cucamonga's footprint, focus in many of the City's major transit and business corridors. Furthermore, the network needed to provide for the introduction of new City services and support future community-based Smart City technologies.

In 2016, the City contracted with Magellan Advisors for the development of a Fiber Master Plan that identified the opportunities within the community that could make use of existing broadband assets (fiber/conduit/poles), while providing a roadmap for further expansion of the existing network. The Plan laid out a strategy whereby the City could expand its network incrementally, making direct investments into broadband infrastructure while generating revenue for the City without requiring the resources needed to operate a lit service offering.

Now, with Magellan's continued assistance in turnkey implementation of the network, the City of Rancho Cucamonga has begun expansions that will connect the City's healthcare providers, local government facilities, educational institutions, and businesses, and that will support the evolution of the Rancho Cucamonga community for decades to come.

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